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In Which CSI Calls It… Like It Is?

Season 15 Episode 14 of CSI (you know, the original one out in Vegas) used a copy of my second book, Death Rejoices, as part of its set. I knew this was a possibility as my publisher, Booktrope, supplied them with some paperbacks from their listings, including two of my books. The episode in question involves a swap meet for fans of Murderabilia, memorabilia pertaining to famous killers. Just before my book is shown (as something created by a famous killer–makes sense, considering the title), Ted Danson’s character says something to the effect of “Where do they get all this crap?” Aaaaand pan to my book! I have never been so happy. If you hear sarcasm there, take it right out of your ear holes, because I am LITERALLY so thrilled with having CSI call me a famous killer and I totally understand why the fictional cop would call a book written by a murderer “crap,” so I’m willing to overlook it. Sam From Cheers: Silver Edition doesn’t mean my book is crap. My book is perfectly lovely. This does, however, lead to some fun conversations with my husband, whom regular readers will know as The Viking.

Me: I’m still very happy that CSI called me a killer.

Viking: *sigh* I know. I HAVE met you.

Me: Won’t it make a great tidbit of trivia someday? Three years before she was arrested and police found eighteen bodies in her barn, CSI actually called her a murderer? WEIRD AND WILD COINCIDENCE!

Viking: Uh huh.

Me: Will you come visit me in prison?

Viking: No. I want a divorce.

Me: Why? So you can marry your fancy non-murdering girlfriend? I’ll never allow that.

Viking: Fine, I’ll just live with her.

Me: IN SIN??

Viking: What about YOUR sins?

Me: Serial killer judges you.


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