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Holy shitballs, I haven’t blogged since August? Oh dear. I do believe I need to hire an assistant to flog me when I’ve been a major slacker. See, this shit wouldn’t happen if I had a butler. Ah yes, I can picture him now: stuffy, British, elderly, bringing me tea and clearing his throat discretely and politely suggesting that I might consider keeping up on my duties. Ahem.

Unfortunately, Cookie, my Desk Cat (who was also my Shoulder Cat), passed away in August. Certainly, she would have kept me on my toes. See how energetic and ambitious she was?

So what’s been happening over at Writerghoulie’s lair? Well, I’ve recovered nicely from surgery. I had to put off continuing studies in Criminal Psychology & Behaviour, which, as it happened, worked out to my advantage; the college teachers went on strike and it’s been five weeks since students have been in class. I’d have been right pissed if I paid all that money for school and been kept waiting while the college admins bickered with teachers. I don’t know what all the hubbub is, or what the strike is about, but I usually side with teachers in these situations. I know too many teachers personally to believe they wouldn’t have students’ best interests in mind. I hope they get what they need in order for students to return to class and get back to work soon.

I’ve also had to take a season off of bellydancing (surgery healing), and I miss it very much. STIFF COMPETITION, the newest Marnie Baranuik novella, was released by Pixiegrind Ink in September. I can’t believe I didn’t get my ass on here and blog that. Derp. I feel like a dinkus.

I’ve not had a chance to do a complete listen to the new Tantor Media audiobooks of Touched, Death Rejoices, and Last Impressions. I have heard narrator Amy McFadden reading, and oh man, I’m so hyper about it! She’s such a great Marnie.

Things are looking up in paperback news as well. Pixiegrind Ink Ltd is in talks with Ogmha Creative Media, who wish to acquire the paperback rights for the Marnie Baranuik Files and pop those puppies into your local Barnes & Noble. Yeppers, that sounds that a dealio to me! Contracts are being shuffled back and forth so we’ll keep you updated on that.

Work continues on the sixth book in the series, KINDRED SPIRITS. Even more troubling than that news (heh heh) is the insistence of a certain fussypants character that another short story is in the works. Apparently, the author has no say in such things, or so his royal nibs is telling me. I keep telling Harry that I have other story lines and other characters in my head, but he has decided that my attention should be solely focused on him. The nerve.

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. Onward and upward! xo AJ


New to the Marnie Baranuik Files? Start here for book one, TOUCHED, or read reviews on GOODREADS. Catching up? The latest full novel in the Marnie Baranuik Files is BLIGHTMARE.


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