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Where to Buy

603688_10200586109989441_670144889_nThe Marnie Baranuik Files

Touched (Book 1)

Death Rejoices (Book 2)

Last Impressions (Book 3)

Wrath & Bones (Book 4)




166_0.046441001380663840_dirtnap_cv_hrIn Between The Files stories

Cold Company

Dirt Nap







i_love_revenants_mens_light_pajamasMarnie Merchandise

at Cafe Press


7 Responses to Where to Buy

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. A.J. Aalto was included in my bookmarks in chrome.

  2. Jesse James @mythcop says:

    completely enjoyed, even if there were no zombies. old gods are pleased.

  3. Violeta says:

    Oh my. I love your style. I just… I want to read more! And the story… so interesting, clouded in mystery, brilliant! I am trying not to gush here but I am rarely this hooked throughout a long blog post (or even a short story), so well done!

    Now, this slayed me: β€œShit yeah, or shit no?” Hah. Brilliant. I also like how you play with your words. I like to do that too, but I’m still beginning and you have already gotten the knack of it, you’re a natural. I think that’s all. Will be waiting for some more shorties. πŸ™‚

  4. Heather says:

    Fantastic….very creative. Only YOU could write something so creepy and “skip” and punch someone in the “yams”. Another home run πŸ™‚

  5. el toro says:

    I’m just glad to call you my friend, you talented little canuck. xoxoxox

  6. al boudreau says:

    This piece is amazing. You have a very real gift, and you use it much like a surgeon masterfully manipulates a scalpel. I know talent when I see it, and you are destined for the big time. All you have to do is want it.

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