New Release: Last Impressions

Last Impressions, Book Three of the Marnie Baranuik Files, is now available for your Kindle on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK), and on Barnes & Noble for your Nook. If you're local (Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada) and want to come see me, I'll be signing paperback copies of Last Impressions,...

Two things to mention after a long stretch of non-blogging. I wish I could say I was working hard and that’s why I hadn’t blogged. Truth be told, I’ve been in a slump after NaNoWriMo. I seem to recall this happened last year as well. Perhaps NaNo throws me for a loop. Perhaps I should think twice about participating next year. Back on the horse, however. Trying to sleep so that I can do my 4 AM writing. So, what’s …

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I suppose this blog entry will be less snerk-snerk-swear-word than most of my entries. I won’t go into the less pleasant aspects surrounding the end of my day job, but I will say this: I can no longer call myself a bookseller. I’m choosing a different career path. <Hrmmm, maybe not this one.> It’s unfortunate, because for a very long time I considered “bookseller” to be a big part of who I was; not only did I write books, but …

Martin Conterez says:
What a wonderful thing to become, even if you lose a self imposed title. more
Melissa B says:
This is an encouraging “good for you.” I hope your decision is... more

I am thrilled to share some awesome news with my readers and loyal fans. This week my publisher, Booktrope, entered into a new business relationship with Amazon, beginning with a mutual licensing deal that deepens ties with Amazon to a much more significant degree. This licensing deal directly impacts me; I was one of the authors selected for this opportunity. I was pretty excited to hear about this, even though reading contracts and stuff cut into my research time… <Shown: Writerghoulie …

Melissa says:
As long as you are going to receive handsome recompense with this deal, I am... more
Lauren says:
That’s so awesome! I wish I had voice acting credentials on my resume,... more

Muse: Yo, toots. Me: *glare* Muse: You should write. Me: Meh. Muse: No, for realz. You’ve already started something. You started THREE somethings. We like it, all of it. It was going so well the other day. Me: The other day I was all wheee. Now I’m meh. Roll with it. Muse: Are we stuck on meh? Can we get back to wheee? What button do we press to get off this ride at wheee? Me: If I knew that, …

dr susan says:
I think a boston cream pie is a cake-pie…. with custard … and... more
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