New Release: Last Impressions

Last Impressions, Book Three of the Marnie Baranuik Files, is now available for your Kindle on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK), and on Barnes & Noble for your Nook. If you're local (Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada) and want to come see me, I'll be signing paperback copies of Last Impressions,...

Amber C. asks: Harry: I need a good recipe for scones that don’t involve citrus. Help? Please? Harry: I should think you’ll find my scone recipe is the best. My ducky certainly does enjoy a good scone with her espresso on a cold Winter’s eve, as you might notice from the delightfully generous curve of her derriere. You may leave the raisins out, or substitute dried cranberries, or chocolate chips. The Jewel Family Scones Preheat oven to 425 F. Mix: 2 …

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I thought I’d share my modified recipe for this darkly delicious cocktail prior to cottage season, now that I’ve done some booze fiddling. Try this out at home, perfect for stormy evenings on the covered porch, or reading in bed. Enjoy! Black Orchid Martini 1 oz. blue curacao 1 oz. Kraken rum 1 oz. lemon-lime soda 1 oz grenadine and a splash of cranberry juice

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I’m in the process of writing Wrath & Bones, the next book in the... more
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I absolutely love your Marnie series, with her quirky spunky personality and... more

This week, we have a question for the crew from Rafe B., known to his friends as He Who Wields the Red Pen, known to the crew as That Guy Who Tweaks My Words, known to the author as Bossyboots McMeaniepants (which, despite some doofus’s opinion, is in fact an awesome nickname–SO THERE, JUSTIN. No, YOU’RE still mad about it.). Rafe B. asks: Lord Droopypants, how do you go about choosing your companions? Were they all foul-mouthed harlots like Marnie? Marnie: Lord Droopypants. …

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Thank you for letting me know! I’m on it :) more
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You have a great voice, I love the blog posts. Sadly I tried to click on your... more

My friend Teresa challenged me to list 7 things about myself that nobody knows. since i’m a giant blabbermouth on social media, I’m not sure that’s possible, but I’ll give it a shot. 1. I like goats so much. I want one. I have no place to put a goat, but I love them. At a petting zoo, they’re really the only animal I want to see. Baby goats are SO ADORABLE. 2. I dig funk and reggae. If you …

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