New Release: Wrath & Bones

WOOHOO! This is me doing my happy dance today, because Wrath & Bones, Book 4 of the Marnie Baranuik Files, is officially live! You can get it from Amazon in both PAPERBACK or for your KINDLE, and from Barnes & Noble on NOOK. Marnie Baranuik is confident that her new psychic detective...

So, I thought I’d chart my progress as I stumble along this new path. March is going to be an incredibly stressful–*listens*–I’m being told it’s May. Holy rolling shitballs, it’s already May 4? Fuckity fuck-spigots. Right. Progress. I’ve made none. Well, that’s not entirely true. I took a few dozen showers, in which I just kinda stood there sudsed-up and wept. The good news is, this soap smells like hoity-toity froo-froo. My eyes might be puffy and red, but man …

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I have been informed that my comfort zone, my safety blanket, my beloved hidey-hole, my publisher Booktrope, is closing up shop as of May 31st, 2016. From here on in, I’m on my own.   Juuuuuust kidding. OF COURSE I CAN. See, not everyone is thrilled about the effect this will have on their careers. Myself, I’m choosing to see it as an opportunity; an opportunity to drink my body weight in gin, an opportunity to return to my self-publishing …

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Helloooo, people! First of all, I’d like to celebrate. Book 5 of the Marnie Baranuik Files is sitting at 58k words and I’ve got the rest of the book vaguely plotted out just enough to know where I’m going, though it’s cloudy enough to keep me interested in getting up at 4 AM to find out what happens next. I’ve never been an outliner. I’ve always been a pantser. If I know how a story is going to end, a …

Tiki says:
SOOOO Excited… for book 5 in MBF, and can’t wait for the murder... more

I’m sensing some confusion, based on a few things I’ve seen in reviews for Wrath & Bones, about the future of the Marnie Baranuik Files. Several people have lamented “the end” of the series; rest assured, dear readers, that Wrath & Bones was not the last book in this series. Marnie has no intention of letting me rest. In fact, she talked my ear off yesterday for ~9500 words. So just in case I inadvertently gave the impression that Marnie …

DeeDee says:
I don’t even know what to do with you?!!?!?!? You are a lyrical genius,... more
Mop says:
My best scones are the Cranberry/Orange/Walnut ones – will those do???? more
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