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Old Words, New Light

Created from my heartfelt belief that no lovely word should fall into disuse when it can be resurrected, this section will serve as a toe in the door for the fading and the faded, as well as a playground for words that never were.

Old Words, New Light: 1

In this first entry to Old Words, New Light, I offer you (drum roll, please) cumberworld.  What a fantastic old word–cumberworld–softly rounded, laden with nuances of dark burden and undertones of melancholia. Jeffrey Kacirk of Forgotten English fame tracked the word back to Robert Nare’s Glossary (of) the Works of English Authors 1859 and the definition: “That which is only a trouble, or useless burthen to the world.” Kacirk also offered the following 1593 poem by Michael Drayton entitled Shepherd’s Garland: “A cumberworld, yet …

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