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Have You Been Touched Yet?

It’s official!

Today I celebrate the launch of my first novel, Touched, which you can purchase from Amazon for your Kindle here .

<This is my cover. Those are not my boobs.>

Funny, I thought when I finally flipped this book off my shoulders, where it has been squatting for months, something monumental would …. happen? Like a skulltastic implosion, perhaps, if slightly less gory. My brain is still intact (shaddap) and though there are many little details still to iron out–all the other formats, for example, which may or may not fry my grey cells–all in all, I’m doin’ OK. I think I’m even … *slaps hand all over lower face* … holy smokes, I’m smiling! Welp, there goes my Sane Grin Quota for 2011; it’s all Kooky Grimaces from here on out. Consider yourselves forewarned.

Book 2, tentatively entitled Death Rejoices, is going through an overhaul, as I came to the conclusion that I hated the whodunnit thing I’d come up with and wanted to make it a “what-dunnit” instead. You know what this means … yes! Time for more long, hot showers! Aaaaaand time to shred the water bill! Shhh don’t tell you-know-who *broad wink*

As much as I’d love to make this a winded blog about triumph and other self-congratulatory  gobbledygook, I assume the paparazzi will take care of that for me. Besides, I have so much work (read: video game playing) on my plate that I should probably ditch the plate and get a platter of some sort. And fill it with cookies. And cheese doodles. And maybe a carrot cake. Y’know, just to be healthy.

To those of you who have already bought Touched, I do hope I’ve offered you a bit of entertainment. To those of you who have read up to the pervy parts, I’M SORRY I’M SORRY STOPTHROWINGSTUFF!!! To those who haven’t reached ’em yet …(lookin’ at you, mom) uh, what pervy parts? There’s no smut. I’m a nice lady. Honest. *toddles off to make tea and get back to ‘work’*

Marnie Baranuik: the Godzilla of paranormal law enforcement, guaranteed to tromp all over the Tokyo of your investigation. ” –Touched, AJ Aalto

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4 Responses to Have You Been Touched Yet?

  1. sro777 says:

    Hey Al – I’ve been perusing your website and am SHOCKED! I never knew that the person I thought I knew is not the person that I thought I knew! (Does that make sense?) You obviously have a pretty warped mind and have been keeping it a secret from me all your life. Well . . . . . I have a secret to tell you. I’m pretty sure I was one of the clowns that scared the crap out of you (and scared the crap out of your Mom as well). It was fun at the time and I feel real bad about your resulting phobia for big bad scarrrry clowns . . . sorta . . . Anywhore, congratulations on your book. I’m really impressed. Mina rakastan sinua

  2. Tina Breen says:

    Congrats. Love reading your stuff. What the opportunity to get this for my Nook?

  3. Violeta says:

    First of all, congratulations, AJ!!!! Omg, just thinking about a book full of AJ-ness… I’ll need to take it slow. First I’ll look at the cover — ooo ghastly and sexy, pretty — I’m pretty sure I’ve found myself a good focal point for my meditation, finally!

    Also, I have to say that Death Rejoices is the best tentative title I have heard of late. Hey, I’m not stupid, I know you’ll probably change it, but if you did, I would throw a thing or two at you. I will also steal your cheese doodles just to be mean.

    So… enjoy your showers and go easy on the rubber duckies!

  4. Mop says:

    Demnation. I don’t kindle. Lemme know when the paper version is available, ok? I wants it, I needs it, I has to have it!

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