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Advance Reviews Are IN!


As it gets closer to publication time, or P-Day (not to be confused with penis day, which is W-Day, the W standing for … nevermind) I’ve had some great feedback from advance readers–mentors, gurus, professionals in the field, various celebrities–from which I’m sure I can cull some quotes for marketing material. It’s very exciting, and I’m so pumped and honoured that these fine people took the time to be thoughtful, astute and gracious to me and my work. I thought this might be the perfect time to share all of this grand praise with you, so you can share in my happiness.

“I will definitely buy your book when it comes out. Now, slowly hand me the picklefork.”–Dr. W,  psychiatrist

“I never know what you’re going to say next. You might blurt out 8 of the 11 secret herbs and spices. You’re a friggin’ enigma.”—some guy I know

“Your main character is totally undoable. I hate her. Also: she’s you.”–same guy

I’ll mace anyone who doesn’t love your book.”–Same Guy’s wife

“Of course I liked it, I’m your mother.”–my mother

“I’ll read it someday. Probably. I’m skipping the sex parts.”–my dad

“I loved it! I LOVED IT! Sure! What are we talking about?! Jesusfuck lady, what’s with the picklefork?”–alarmed passerby

“It’s a winner! This book will make millions! I need a raise!”–my combat butler

“An electrifying thrill-ride, humour and chills blended by a master wordsmith.”–imaginary critic in my head

“But how do we get her into the straight jacket without her suspec–oh, hi honey.”–my husband on the phone, bragging again about how awesome a writer I am

“Nice Ass!”—dude in bus station

That last one’s going on the book jacket. It really says all you need to know about my book.

To be serious for a moment (OK it’s me, I’ll be serious for as many as 2.3 seconds) I truly am pumped about the launch of this book. I know I’m not supposed to think of a novel as “my baby” but this has been a loooooooong labour and holy crapbaskets am I ever anxious to boot it out of the nest to fly on its own. You know, like you do with real kids. What? You mean I have to–oh. Right. I knew that. I’ll let them back inside in a bit. They’re hardy little buggers, a little rain won’t kill them.

Proofs will come from the printer soon … at which point, I will undoubtedly spread them all over the floor, strip down to my Darth Vader Underoos and roll in the pile with near-naked abandon, the way I do with my cash. (Side note: it’s difficult but not impossible to roll in a “pile” of one five dollar bill. Also, cashiers might not take it if it smells like perfume and cleavage sweat–but strippers will. Or so I hear)

<Might hurt a bit more when I roll in the hardcovers, but I’m commited!>

My cover is a bitter-sweet subject with me. I was set on waiting out my cover artist’s injuries, but the pressure to see my book in print got too much for me to bear, and I popped like a cork one day. After a few weeks of uncertainty(during which I was even more unpleasant to live with than usual) I chucked my hands in the air and announced “That’s it! I’m doin’ it myself!” There wasn’t anyone in the house to hear me say it, but the look the cat gave me was full of unspoken approval, admiration and, well, I’ll just go ahead and say it … for a second there, I was convinced she didn’t want to claw my face to ribbons. It was a rare and wonderful moment that will never come again. Makes it all worthwhile.

So with the input and technical assistance of some fab friends who know far more than I about photoshop etc, we hashed out something I’m really happy with. There’s really not that much left to do. Scary! I might make my Hallowe’en deadline after all. Post-launch and book signings, the amazing man in my life is taking me on a cruise to the Bahamas, during which I plan to be absurdly happy. Will I be too happy to effectively write horror, gloom and monstery goodness? NEVER FEAR! If I get too cheerful, I’ll just listen to Tom Waits in the dark. That’ll fix my little red wagon, yes sir.


(editor’s note: the date of the official launch of “Touched”, and the dates of the print launch/book signing will be posted here soon! Until then, you can find AJ Aalto in the bathtub, lurking nose-deep in lilac-scented bubbles, plotting her impending dominion over the known universe and the resulting fame and obscene wealth that must certainly follow. I mean, if she can smile while being slowly strangled by this snake, surely she can do anything, people.)

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4 Responses to Advance Reviews Are IN!

  1. Heather says:

    I have said it before and will say it again. You always make me life and bring a smile to my face EVERY time I ready anything you’ve written. You have a talent my dear, never doubt it!!

  2. Daxon says:

    first! haha.

    I still want my hardcover copy autographed – at the signing!

    – Daxon

    • Tori says:

      That’s really good adicve. One way to check for errors if you can’t hire a professional proofreader is to have a friend read your e-book before you publish it. Another thing you can do is set the book aside and re-read it in a day or two with a fresh mind for errors. I also plan on doing a post on using plr materials for writing an ebook, where you would act as the editor.

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