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Guest Interview- Alex Kimmell

Hey! Today, I get to interview the very creepy and delightful Alex Kimmell, horror writer extraordinaire. Welcome, Alex! 1.    The Key To Everything scared the pants off me and kept me going, “whoa, wait, what the–?” I still can’t look at squirrels without my eyes widening. What inspired you to write it? The original idea for the story came from a dream. It started as a short story that I put on my blog at the time. Some people at …

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Sneak Peek Sunday! (from Book 5 of the MB Files)

Harry put a glass of orange juice in front of me, patted my head, and reminded gently, “Your gruel is getting cold, dear. I cannot imagine a more cruel task to put before you, but please do eat your oatmeal.” “Okay, okay,” I said. “You don’t have to twist my nipples about it.” “Always a lady,” he remarked pleasantly. “And now I am afraid that it falls upon me to inquire: what tomfoolery might you be planning today, love?” “None …

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Coming Soon

Helllloooo, my fiendish folks and friendly freaks! Lots of activities coming up in Writerghoulie’s corner of the world and I thought I’d update you. After a super-quiet 3 days alone at a cottage in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, and then 6 more days of busier cottage time at a different spot with family and friends, I have made significant progress with the fifth book of the Marnie Baranuik Files. Yay! Unwritersblocked!  (SO a thing.) I am currently on …

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Riptides in Reality

I am very excited to be included in this fun bundle package full of SciFi and Fantasy tales. Last Impressions, Book 3 of the Marnie Baranuik Files, appears alongside stories by fan favourites Michael Munz, Massimo Marino, Jennifer Sivec, Jonathan Gould, and more! Pre-orders are available now for your KINDLE HERE and the bundle is published for a limited time only in July/August. It’s only 99 cents for 9 novels and a bonus short story! You can’t beat that, folks. Check …

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