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Interview with Sheri Williams

0802151230This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the very fun and quirky Sheri Williams, another ex-Booktroper and fellow fantasy writer. Enjoy!
1. Tell us a bit about Mad Magic. What inspired you to write about the Mad Hatter?
He is hands down my favorite character ever written, full stop. I just really loved the idea of him being in our world. It was the first book I wrote and am insanely proud of it. It needs a full re-edit now that I know what I’m doing. I still have the next two in the loose trilogy planned, the second one, about the Huntsman, I’m nearly finished writing.
2. Tell me about Silkwords LLC and how branched fiction works in an ebook. What made you decide to go that path with Crisis Of Love?
No lie, I had a twitter buddy who told me about them, and they paid really good. I was desperate for cash, just started writing, and it was a golden opportunity. I wish it had ended well, I really liked the idea behind the pick your path to romance. it was just like I always imagined writing a Choose Your Adventure book would be like, only with sex!
3. Tell us a bit about your publishing journey before, during, and after Booktrope. Would you have any advice for writers considering a hybrid publisher or self-publishing as opposed to a small press or traditional large press? Oh man, I have had three publishers, and all three have been bad mojo. I really, honestly think that I will probably not ever go with another publisher unless it’s my big unicorn. I know people who have always had good luck with small and mid list pubs, but I think I’m just burnt out on bad luck. When I found Booktrope I was reeling from the first crash and burn of my publishing career and I jumped. Maybe had I done more research, or not been so mad about the first pub, then I might have noticed that Booktrope wasn’t the right fit for me, but I was green and greedy. I felt like I had to have  a pub. I know now that is wrong. It really is an individual thing. What works for some, won’t work for others. I think what is the most important in this industry is to have a good group. A good support system. But it wasn’t all bad, I met great folks through BT, and that is a good takeaway.
4. Can you give us a hint as to what project(s) you’re currently working on? Oh I’ve completely switched gears. Another perk of BT is that I learned I love to write thrillers. I still write romance in all of my stories, but now the main genre is paranormal or horror light. The romance is there, but so are the monsters. The story i was working on before the block hit had Golems in it, and no not the Lord of the Rings 
5. Many artists need a very specific setting in which to create. When you work, do you have any quirks or use any aids to get you in the zone? I generally write on my laptop on the couch, but I always have a cup of coffee and some gummi bears 🙂
6. Do you find that your writing style changes at all with the conflicts or challenges that you’re juggling in your real life? That your day-to-day experiences colour your writing? Oh man, as a woman who has been firmly blocked for a bout two months now….I wish I could say that my life doesn’t hinder the writing but it does. When i’m stressed no words come. It sucks. But then once that damn breaks, it floods. I’m hoping ti happens soon, I really want to get back to the novel I’m working on.
7. You are an admitted nerd-geek-fangirl, which I find absolutely delightful. What do you fangirl most over? Does it sneak into your writing, and if so, how much? Doctor Who, and yes, there is always a reference. Or BBC tv, or tv in general. In Sin Town I named two animals after the couple in Blindspot. And in Mad Magic (which I hope to republish soon) I named a cat after a character from Inspector Lewis, one of my favorite PBS shows.
8. Do you shy away from writing open-door sex scenes if the plot calls for it? Is there subject matter that you will not write? If so, where is that line and how do you feel your way around it? I never have and issue with sex or violence, but I’ll never write about violence to children. It’s my one thing I don’t handle well. Luckily Ive never had to deal with that, hopefully I can continue to skirt it. 
9. Forest of Blood is the first in a series. Do you have the entire series plotted out, or do you wing it like me, a certified pantser? What plans do you have for the next book in the series? No big spoilers, please! I have the second all figured out (to the extent that I can, I’m a pantser as well) I might do a third, I really love the characters and really want to delve into the tattoos (that’s more of a teaser than a spoiler). I love to mess around with folklore a lot. In that vein the second book, tentatively titled Chapel of Blood, is possibly going to have banshees.
10. How do you get inside your antagonist’s head without that taint rubbing off on you personally? Do you have any tricks when it comes to compartmentalising and keeping yourself separate from your baddies? Oh I love to write baddies. I’m not sure I really need to compartmentalise. I write fiction, not my personality, I don’t generally get so into my characters they rub off on me. But there is a first time, so maybe it will happen. I’m curious to see how that would play out. 
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