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Wrath & Bones, Deadhead, and Deadlines

Lots of exciting news!

Firstly, I apologize for being missing for so long. Partly, I was working very hard. Partly, I was struggling with depression. I went on a medication vacation to try and jolt myself into a manic phase but it didn’t work. That doesn’t sound like a very intelligent idea, but at the time, it was an act of desperation. I’m slowly crawling back out of an emotional hole.


Secondly, we’ve got release days planned for the next Marnie Baranuik “Between the Files” short story, called Deadhead, and Wrath & Bones, the fourth full-length novel in the Marnie Baranuik Files. Deadhead will launch December 3, 2015. Wrath & Bones will be released December 17, 2015. There will be plenty of fun, and prizes, and shenanigans, including nudity* and chocolate. (*this is a fib) Cover art is almost done, and there will be cover reveals soon. Editing is coming along smoothly.


That’s all the news I have for now. Cheers!



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