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Touched … (Will Grope You Soon, Like it Or Not)

My cover artist, the amazing Dustin Ashe, has been seriously injured and is all busted up and broken and stuff. I know, right? The poor cuddle-umpkins!! By the sounds of it, he has accidentally mastered the unenviable yoga pose “Human Pretzel” (also see: “Big-big Owies” and “OMGFORTHELOVEOFCHRISTHELPME“)

<Yup, I believe that’s the one….>

Dustin is fantastic in every possible way–wait, that sounds like I know about his private bits, lemme rephrase–Dustin is probably fantastic in every way, but I sure would have no clue about that. Nope. Noooooo sirree. Also: he is superduper in every “gentlemanly” way *avoids eye contact* that it would be *plays with collar of shirt* *ahem* “ladylike” for me to know about. Cuz that’s what I am. Ladylike. Totally (K, I think they probably bought that, D, it’s all good).  He’s a gifted writer, and crushingly talented artist and an all-around awesome guy full of spirit, optimism and ambition. I have my heart set on his work, and refuse to have any other artist do my covers.

For the above reasons, the elaunch of Touched is postponed until FrankenArtist can catch up on work. I’m hoping the paper launch will still go on as planned in October, but that’s a soft op at the moment. I’m not in a huge rush. Eventually, the world will have to tolerate my screaming and bellowing “my book is out! my book is out!”, but you have a temporary respite from that. 

You’re supposed to send Dustin Get Well cards, not Thank You cards, smartasses. *unamused glare* Here’s my Get Well Card Dustin … because you wouldn’t expect any other kind of card from moi …

NO WAIT!! That wasn’t the right one *guilty chuckle* OK, OK, here it is …

Right! That’s enough mushy talk out of me. Except to say I wuv your furry widdle face, D! Get better soon 🙂 Anyhoo, this little writer will be back to the gutter tomorrow. Or whenever I drag my ass back to blog.

(editor’s note: AJ Aalto says “Grab somebody sexy tell ’em hey!”)

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3 Responses to Touched … (Will Grope You Soon, Like it Or Not)

  1. Mop says:

    I’m anxious to get a paper one. Right now, I’m just doing that hoppy-skippy, back and forth from one foot to the other dance that kids do when they’re impatient for something to happen. Or have to pee, really bad.

  2. Madame H says:

    I sure hope Dustin recovers quickly. Poor guy. Best wishes to him 🙂

  3. Rik Davnall says:

    I’m not sure I won’t end up in trouble for endorsing this message, but Dustin’s my cover designer too, and I also wish him a quick and simple recovery.

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