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Clean Sheets and Dirty Sex

Now that I have your attention (you marvelous perverts–I DIG you!) it’s time for…  AJ’s SUPER-SERIOUS SUMMER READING LIST (and holy shit, is this colour ever cremating my optic nerves!!) As any writer with children knows, summer vacation is upon us, which means a huge drop in wordcount and a rapid increase in the number of times one is forced to utter phrases like: “dont lick the dog there!” and “why are you punting perfectly good Fig Newtons at your brother’s head?” and …

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100 Things I Wanna Do Before You Die (So I Can Still Brag To Ya)

 1. Climb a mountain  2. Climb a mountain gorilla. 3.Get funky with gorilla and groom him for ticks.  4. Go skinny-dipping with people who won’t peek. Or a blind guy. Or that blind guy from that Val Kilmer movie. Or Val Kilmer.  5. Eat guilt all day without feeling like junk.  6. Make love under the stars.  7. Make love under the stairs.  8. Make love downhill on rollerblades.  9. Make sweet, sweet love to a Biker Gang.  10. Own a room with …

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Taking It To The Grave 3 (By Guest Blogger Heather Goldie)

 4am isn’t the nicest time of day;  Its cool and dark, and there’s an underlying air of menace. The only people out at this hour are shift workers, crooks and hookers. And me, your lovely hostess, Heather.  I’m sitting in the back of AJ’s car waiting patiently.  She slides behind the wheel humming to herself and starts the car.  I let her adjust the volume on her radio until she’s blasting Avril. That’s when I lunge forward to put the cloth over her …

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Bremelanotide, Nerdly Home Invasions and Photography

I like hats. <the end> Wouldn’t that be an awesome blog, just a bigass random title, “I like hats”, and then … nothing. Alas, this is AJ-Land, Official Home of the Blatherer, so it is not to be. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but how ’bout when a blogger is witless and soulless, hunh? Where does that leave me? I swear, I had a point when I sat down. OH RIGHT! I like hats. And this is fortunate, because a while back …

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