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Wrath & Bones

WOOHOO! This is me doing my happy dance today, because Wrath & Bones, Book 4 of the Marnie Baranuik Files, is officially live! You can get it from Amazon for your KINDLE.

166_0.944695001447742472_wb_cv_hrMarnie Baranuik is confident that her new psychic detective agency will be a great success, and she has eight million business cards to prove it. But before the paint even dries on her open for business sign, she’s summoned to face the Demon King Asmodeus in His own playground, the revenant court, home of the undead nobility, to participate in a conclave of the most powerful immortals on Earth.

Orc prophets have forewarned her that danger is looming in the far north. In her most ambitious adventure yet, Marnie must harness her powers, gather trusted friends to wade into battle, and complete an international treasure hunt that would make Indiana Jones break into a cold sweat, before raising a new revenant house to rule from the Unhallowed Throne… and do it all without getting her heart or legs broken. Storms are brewing, threats are piling up, and the stakes are higher than ever, but Marnie is determined to dance with danger to the very end. There’s only one thing left to do: deal with it, Baranuik-Style. Does anyone know if yetis like take-out? And when you’re on a date with a mummy, who picks up the check?

For a limited time, pop over to 3 Partners in Shopping for a chance to win a free copy! Also check out our tour at Roxanne’s Realm for a chance to win paperback copies (US/Canada only).


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9 Responses to Wrath & Bones

  1. Lori Sears says:

    I love this series and I have read it twice. I love Marnie! I am ANXIOUSLY waiting book four. I have been in mourning since I finished book 3 because I wanted to continue on. Much love!

  2. Heather E says:

    I LOVED all the books and the in between files and have been anxiously waiting for any word about book 4! Or even another in between story. Something!!! Has anything been decided, even tentatively?

  3. Bonnie Lampe says:

    I do tend to loose interest with long book series. Your first book Touched snagged my interest. I laughed an enjoyed the book. I plan to attack more of your books just wondering if you plan to continue this as an indefinite series or span out to further writing areas? I really like the way you write and look forward to reading your books. I hope you plan a future trip to St Louis Mo area or Chicago IL area I would like to meet you and get your autograph.

  4. Deirdre Devine says:

    For a few months after reading Touched I would check often for a sequel and then life got in the way, and I forgot to check for awhile. Imagine my surprise and glee when I finally looked again and there were two, yes two! new books to read! Here is were everything went sideways…. Helpful hint, never read a book by A.J. Aalto when you are sick with a cold accompanied with a hacking, horrible cough! I couldn’t stop laughing which would often lead to an insane bout of wheezing. It was hell, it was heaven, I couldn’t decide! I will say this, I so needed the shot of endorphin. A fantastic read and a just so much fun! Thank you! =)

  5. Robin Davis says:

    Just finished Last Impressions. You had me laughing out loud at the Chicken whispherer. LOL! Wasn’t sure what I thought of your books when I started with the first one I got for free from at some time or orther, but found myself purchasing the rest! Will recommend you to my daughter. Thanks for the great stories!

  6. Genny says:

    Hooray, more Marnie! I’ve actually discovered that through the wonders of modern technology how an author can “sign” the the cover page on a Kindle Fire. I was pretty psyched by this considering I have series that are exclusively on my Kindle.

  7. Hilary Cope says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love your books! Some of the things that come out of Marnie’s mouth have me truly laughing out loud; my poor kids can’t figure out why mommy is always laughing. And my poor husband has the pleasure of hearing me repeat my favorite Marnie saying. The word of the day today is twatwaffle. Hahahaha!

  8. Lisa says:

    Mmm…I left a comment about a signed copy for a devoted fan in the UK? Can’t find it now (the comment, not the fan). I’m here *waves frantically* But begging was involved. And I love Blueberry cupcakes if that helps? 😀

  9. Lisa Caley says:

    One of your adoring fans in the UK would love a signed copy. Please? Really big please? Oh go on then; really, really, really gargantuan please? 😀

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