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Threesomes & Moresomes *mrowr*

(AJ’s note: Brrr! It’s mid-December and cold-ish here in Southern Ontario, soooo I’m gonna get cozy & warm with this blankey, continue madly scribbling the grand adventures of our favourite spaz detective, Marnie Baranuik, and drink copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. However, I’ve brought in a sexy, sassy, smokin’ guest blogger to amuse you and keep things hot-hot-HOT for us. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to author Cara Michaels, discussing threesomes & moresomes, and her new book, Their First Noelle.) 

Three’s Company… In Our Minds, Anyway

Oh, how I love fiction and fantasy. We bipedal types are reasonably creative, occasionally clever, and pretty much always horny. At least, that’s what I take away from the popularity of a certain trilogy of books which shall not be named, and the prevalence of skin-filled, just-this-side-of-porn TV and books everywhere I turn. In these dreamy, wondrous realms a threesome looks something like this:


 And let’s be honest – Okay, I’ll be honest – if these fellas wanted to, I wouldn’t kick them out of bed.

 Like plenty of people out there, I’ve had my moments of curiosity regarding multiple partners. I’ve even had a moment or two of reality, which is not nearly as sexy.


There were no furries or wizards, but… yeah. Awkward sums it up well.

 But lusting after multiple amours is hardly new. In known history, Queen Elizabeth I is suspected to have engaged in sexually charged play with Catherine Parr (her stepmother!) and Parr’s fourth husband, Thomas Seymour.


 Remember that whole ‘awkward’  thing?

Yep. The threesome (or more) can get just plain awkward. Whether you’re outted for fantasizing (like so), embarrassed (or proud) to cross it off your bucket list…

Or still wondering where all those hands and feet go when you all come together…

 The situation can get pretty hairy. And I don’t mean in the ‘somebody forgot to shave’ sort of way. Fortunately, we still have fiction and fantasy to make it oh-so-good:


 Blurb: Elf Noelle Duncan thought life among the humans would be a nice change of pace after two hundred years in Santa’s workshop. Instead, retirement is lonely and the prospect of spending her remaining centuries among humans doesn’t hold much appeal. With Christmas approaching, she wants just one night to feel alive and loved.

Kristian Winters and Nicholas Haversham are partners in business and love. They’d like nothing more than to find a woman to share their love, but they’ve yet to find one open not only to two lovers, but a pair with unusual appetites. Noelle is the only woman they want, and Nick isn’t about to let Christmas go by without making their wishes known.


“This is your last chance to walk out the door, Noelle,” Kris said, his voice rough. “Now you have an idea what we want.”

“Stay the night,” Nick said, “and we’ll give you all the pleasure you can take.”

“On our terms,” Kris added.

“You’ll…hold me down?” Her entire body tingled at the thought.

“Tie you down,” Nick said.

Tie me down?” Her breath caught. She’d never imagined being bound for her lover. Being bound for two? Heat flooded her breasts, arrowed down to her thighs and the moist heat between them.

“And up. Over. Around. How flexible are you?”

She laughed, clamping a hand over her mouth. A look back at Nick showed his hazel eyes dancing with mischief and hope. Kristian’s dark chocolate gaze gave nothing away now. He’d played his cards, as the human saying went, and let Nick tease her.

“There’s more,” Nick promised. “So much more.”

Nick trapped her hands once again, this time in just one of his own. He spun her against him. She sucked in a breath as her breasts collided with his harder chest. He scooped her hair into one hand, tugging until her head dropped back for his kiss. Struggling against his hold provoked a devilish grin from him and his grip tightened just to the edge of pain. He took her open mouth like a conqueror.

(About Cara: Cara Michaels is a dreamer of legendary proportions (just ask her about the alien pirate spaceship invasion). Her imagination is her playground and nothing is quite so much fun for her as building new characters and new worlds with at least an edge of the fantastic. She’s writing whenever the opportunity presents itself and can typically be found tinkering with half a dozen projects. Occasionally all at once.



Connect with Cara: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | G+)

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