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Taking It To The Grave 2 (Interview With A Thrill Master)

No, no–don’t get up … a woman getting tossed in a cell with you is hardly the same as her joining you at the dinner table. Jesus, you can barely stand. Sit back down before you fall. *swipes under her bloody nose with forefinger* No sense cracking your fool head open before they bring your last meal, Boudreau. Yeah … I know who you are. You understand why you’re not chained up, right? *gestures at the iron rings bolted to the …

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Waiting For Boudreau

  There was a van parked across the street, a blue utility van with white lettering—Percy & Slade Windows & Siding—which was absurd, really, considering the only renovating Percy or Slade ever did involved realigning the bones of unlucky men. The old-fashioned park bench was wood and iron—as opposed to those awful vinyl ones the Greenies made from recycled pop bottles, Olivia thought, a nice touch for an urban strip—and moist from the afternoon rain.  Damp seeped through her black corduroys, yet she was …

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Takin’ It To The Grave

R. A. Evans is the author of the delightfully wicked horror novel Asylum Lake. I’d like to thank Rich for being such a great sport, and encourage my readers to check back for the launch of his next book Grave Undertakings in the near future.

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Getting Rich in the Gibbet

                       *Looks up from sharpening her pickle forks* Oh hiya! Didn’t hear you creep in. Yes, I’m getting ready for company.  *gives her shiny new gibbet the full Vanna White treatment* It’s quite thrilling, so pardon me if I’m all a’flutter! Gosh, I haven’t had a guest in my dungeon since … well, let’s keep the closet door closed on that skeleton, shall we? Next week, I’m doing my very first indie author interroga–erm, interview. *tosses towel over power tools and iron shackles* Yeah, …

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