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Hiking the Horror Best Seller List

This morning, my friend Dax pointed out that Touched is #7 on Amazon’s horror best seller list. WOOT! “Feel pride” was not first on my To Do list today … “be an irksome twat” was. I feel so unprepared. After I regained consciousness, I couldn’t help but wonder what my main characters would say to their author about this climb. Marnie: Apparently, people love dingbats, dick jokes and general assholery. Who knew? Batten:  My faith in humanity just took a major ass-reaming. Marnie: We …

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Shit I Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I love everyone and everything–but only cuz I’m kinda manic. Tomorrow, I may very well hate ALL THE THINGS *rawr* That’s the joy of being bipolar: life is never boring. While some things never leave my OMGIlovethat list, I’m finding that new ones have been cropping up, post-launch. In case anyone is still V-Day shopping for me (I’m looking at you, in the t-shirt) here’s some things I want more of: 1. My readers: Come on, …

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Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It (And Probably, You Shouldn’t)…

Well, it’s been a year of blogs from yours truly, and what have we covered? What haven’t we covered? We talked about how Hemingway’s ghost is almost certainly trying to plonk me with coconuts. We talked about the “joys” of artistic temperment (also known as an eight ball of insecurity, insanity & desperation), grey hairs, forehead wrinkles–I swear, some days I look old enough to be my own mother–battling the various seasons of distraction, stalking your characters, stalking yourself and occassionally others (ie. my eye …

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Dialogues That Reveal Relationships

I am by no means an expert on writing; I wouldn’t dare claim to be anything above novice at this point in my journey. This being the case, I hesitate to give advice on the craft of writing. I mean, who am I? I’m just some chick hanging out in her Happy Bunny PJs at noon on a Saturday eating boiled oat bran (OK, it’s a chocolate chip scone, but don’t tell my diet) and editing her second manuscript–the first of which is still, post-print, …

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