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Blogging. Blog. *thinks* Ing. (Me, in the “olden days” drinking Fireball whiskey and brainstorming with Johnny Coattails, aka Jason Jones.) How do I blog? I used to do this all the time. It’s been, erm, years. It’s been so long that I had to change several passwords just to access this back end. It’s been so long that it’s been more than a few book releases without blog announcements. That can’t be good. Whoopsie. I’ve never been very good at …

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Oh, Right. I Have A Blog. Duh.

Life has been both good and bad to me lately, folks. I guess that’s the way things go. Sometimes, I juggle it well. Other times, not so much. There’s a popular saying that bad things come in threes. I’m here to tell you that’s crap. Bad things come in dozens and dozens, and sometimes they come all at once. It’s easy enough to adapt to one difficulty when you’re well rested and everything else in life is going smoothly, but …

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Bad Blogger

Holy shitballs, I haven’t blogged since August? Oh dear. I do believe I need to hire an assistant to flog me when I’ve been a major slacker. See, this shit wouldn’t happen if I had a butler. Ah yes, I can picture him now: stuffy, British, elderly, bringing me tea and clearing his throat discretely and politely suggesting that I might consider keeping up on my duties. Ahem. Unfortunately, Cookie, my Desk Cat (who was also my Shoulder Cat), passed …

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So, hiya! I promised a Marnie release in summer 2017, and she’s a’coming for sure. Just waiting on final edits. I’m HOPING that the grinding gears at Pixiegrind Ink can finagle a paperback version of this novella with a ┬ábonus of COLD COMPANY, DIRT NAP, and DEADHEAD inside, as the Between The Files stories have never been available in paper format. If that’s possible, it won’t be released at the same time as the ebook, but I will keep everyone …

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